For the follow-up to 2013’s “The Rising” and 2014’s “Beyond the City of the Dead”, Werewolves in Siberia offers up the story of “The Dead House”. Not satisfied with sounding like every other popular synthwave artist, Chris Cavoretto, the man behind Werewolves in Siberia, continues to evolve the project through experimentation. Blending the ideas of 70’s and 80’s horror scores with elements of punk, metal and hip-hop, Werewolves in Siberia’s style stands alone.

In 2014, Werewolves in Siberia grabbed the attention of Fangoria Magazine. The horror magazine kingpin started a new horror music label, Fangoria Musick, and released “Dawn of the Flesheaters”, an exclusive collection of songs from the first two albums.

In September 2015, Werewolves in Siberia released “The Dead House”.  Heavily-inspired by classic horror scores, the album takes you through every twist and turn of the story this “Dead House” hides.  Following this, Fangoria Musick released yet another WIS collection in January of 2016.  This time, rarities that were recorded over the years as parts of compilations and soundtracks were featured.

“Imagine John Carpenter’s signature fat, deep analog electro synth sound thrown into an aural blender and fed to a cyborg lycanthrope. You have the basic idea of how WEREWOLVES IN SIBERIA sounds. Seriously, the band sounds like that.”  -Fangoria Magazine

There is no evidence of Werewolves in Siberia slowing down heading through 2016.  This includes an original 7″ and a slasher comic soundtrack… maybe even more…


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