WIS is working…

Sorry for the lack of updates, if anyone heads here for WIS news, as opposed to the Twitter or Facebook pages.  There is a 7″ finished and it has killer art to go with it from the awesome Silver Ferox.  As of right now, it’s still sort of under wraps but will be announced as soon as the label releasing it thinks it’s time.  The soundtrack for the Slice comic is also finished but these things take time when you have a whole comic book involved, so there’s a wait on that, too.

Currently, I’m working on a remix of a Murkbox track for his upcoming album and trying to get some finishing touches on the next album, The Dead House.  Art is finished on that but it needs a few more songs, so bare with me as I try to find the time to tie up these loose ends.  Hoping to get it out there sometime in fall or early winter.