Werewolves in Cyberia available now!

Get the futuristic/sci-fi two-song, Werewolves in Cyberia, now for just $1!
This album picks up where “A Hole in the Space-Time Continuum” leaves off on “Beyond the City of the Dead. Take a step into the future…


The Fifth Dimension on Werewolves in Cyberia

Werewolves in Cyberia is out this Tuesday (8/19)! Stuart Anderson of The Fifth Dimension horror/sci-fi blog took a listen and reviewed it. Check it out here.

Free Download of WIS’ Phil Collins Cover

Just for fun, I decided to cover Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. It’s a song I’ve always wanted to do. This is, by no means, the direction WIS is going (having vocals, especially). It’s up for free download here. I suggest adding you email to the mailing list when you download it… just sayin’.

WIS Q&A w/ Fangoria Magazine

Fangoria_Musick“Imagine John Carpenter’s signature fat, deep analog electro synth sound thrown into an aural blender and fed to a cyborg lycanthrope. You have the basic idea of how WEREWOLVES IN SIBERIA sounds.  Seriously, the band sounds like that.”

I did a quick Q&A with Fangoria Magazine the other day.  Check it out to see what we talked about.