WIS is done… for now

After five and a half years of making music under the name Werewolves in Siberia, I’m taking a break.  I’ve never done any single project for this long before.  I’ve written and recorded more music as Werewolves in Siberia than any other band I was ever in… BY FAR.

There are plenty of contributing factors to this decision that I won’t bore any of you with.  It’s just time to step back, take a break and hope I come back rejuvenated.

For now, I’ve released Siamese Zombie for download to the public, a set of 1” buttons and the Jeremy Wheeler werewolf shirt is back up for sale (only printed once a month at this point, so if you order, please don’t expect the shirt right away.  You will get it though).

Head to the official Bandcamp page to check these out.

Thank you all for the support over the years.  I always said this was a project I was doing for myself but the fact that so many of you ended up liking this weird music I made is amazing.


New EP out soon

It’s a new year and there hasn’t been a WIS update since releasing The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night last October. While I’ve been quiet, there are some things in the works. A few new songs have been done for The Monster Guys’ podcast (TheMonsterGuys.com) and the 5D Blog’s new YouTube show & podcast (5D-Blog.com). Those will be available for download at some point. However, right on the horizon is a brand new space exploration-themed EP, Exploration: Red Space.

I’ve been big on the idea of doing EPs as “name your own price” on Bandcamp as sort of a thank you to everyone who has supported WIS through the years. This will be no different. These six songs may have a slightly different feel than you’re used to from WIS as they’re definitely more sci-fi in nature than they are horror but I think you’ll all dig it.

There is no definite date scheduled for release. Basically, as soon as the album comes back mastered, it’ll get a few listens to make sure everything is right then it will be available. I’m hoping this will be early this coming week.

It’s time for the Transcontinental Road Race

Death Race fans, rejoice!  The Transcontinental Road Race EP is here to weave you through the future’s ultimate game of skill and survival.  Inspired by the cult-favorite film, Death Race 2000, Transcontinental Road Race was released the same day as Roger Corman’s sequel, Death Race 2050.  It’s “pay what you want” on the bandcamp page so grab it for free or leave a donation.  Either way, just take it and play the all out of it!