Happy October! There’s a lot in store…


Sorry for the lack of updates.  Been busy with a lot lately.  The Good news is that this Friday the 13th a new WIS album hits.  Entitled The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night, it’s sort of a John Carpenter helps Charles Bernstein make the A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack vibe.  A couple reviews have hit if you’re interested in reading what some have to say about it.

The Monster Guys review The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night

Tim Murr reviews The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night for Biff Bam Pop!

Of course, October wouldn’t be complete without the WIS regulars.  The Horror Soundtrack Mixtapes are back.  The Myers and Munster Halloween Bash (Carpenter’s Halloween Theme and The Munsters Theme covers) is back.  Lastly, Misfits in Siberia (A Synth Tribute to The Misfits) is back with new addition “Night of the Living Dead” in honor of George A Romero’s passing.  As per usual, they’re all completely FREE to download (werewolvesinsiberia.bandcamp.com) so take them and add them to your Halloween playlists.

Halloween Releases 17

As a last little bit of info, WIS is on heavy rotation at SCRMRadio.com, an all-horror/sci-fi streaming radio station with tons of content (shows, radio dramas, music, etc.).  Give them a listen.  A new song was written for 5d-blog.com‘s new YouTube interviews page.  Check out the videos to hear “Fifth Dimension”.  There’s also a brand new theme for The Monster Guys podcast entitled “Can’t Kill the Beast”.  This one is a super-pumped 90’s industrial throwback kind of song.  You can hear it on their latest episode.

That’s as much as I can throw at you leading up to the big release on Friday.  See you then!


The Fifth Dimension on Werewolves in Cyberia

Werewolves in Cyberia is out this Tuesday (8/19)! Stuart Anderson of The Fifth Dimension horror/sci-fi blog took a listen and reviewed it. Check it out here.

UK Horror Scene gives us the first review of Beyond the City of the Dead…

UK Horror Scene’s Mark Pidgeon took the time to review the new WIS album, Beyond the City of the Dead, ahead of it’s April 1 release. He had some great things to say about it.
Read the review here!

The Rising is now on iTunes


That’s right, if you have a thing for buying music on iTunes or if you get iTunes gift cards, you can now get The Rising there!  Go leave a rating or a review so people know about WIS.
In the next couple weeks, The Rising will be popping up all over online music sites, including Spotify.  Let your friends know, too.