Hear everything WIS!

EVERYTHING released under the Werewolves in Siberia name is now streamable at WerewolvesInSiberia.bandcamp.com
with info on where to find each song. This includes exclusives for compilations, remixes, the horror soundtrack mixtapes (downloadable free), covers (downloadable free) and songs released as bonus content for cassette releases.


March Update


It’s official, on March 18 preorders for Beyond the City of the Dead will start. There will be a limited edition (only 50) cassette release through Graveyard Calling and digital release through the official WIS bandcamp page. The reviews so far have been great and I’m really excited to finally get this out for everyone to hear.

Why pre-order a digital download, you ask? Well, there are bonus tracks involved. Tommy Creep, Ghoulshow, Mad Maddox, Ghastworks and Vector Sector have all taken the song “Broken Souls” and remixed it in their own style. These came out awesome. Every cassette order will come with a digital download of the full album plus the remixes. All pre-ordered digital-only purchases will come with the bonus remixes.


If it’s a retro cassette you’re looking for, GraveyardCalling.co.uk is where you’ll find it. If it’s only digital you want, WerewolvesInSiberia.bandcamp.com is where you’ll find that (or the music tab at WerewolvesInSiberia.com).

Here are some reviews so far: