Werewolves in Podcast Land

I’m on the Bazaar Cast podcast this week, dorking around with The Fear Merchant about music, horror and Werewolves in Siberia.  Find it anywhere you listen to podcasts like iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher or Podcas Addict, etc.


Just in time for Halloween…

As per usual, a few items have popped up on the bandcamp page for free download for the month of October.  The Myers and Munsters Halloween Bash EP is back (featuring the covers of John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme and Jack Marshall’s The Munsters Theme).  The collection of Misfits covers are back and so are the DJ-style mixtapes of soundtrack songs.  This time around, there are a few additions.

Misfits in Siberia (new title) now features Skulls (as heard first on the 6 Foot Plus podcast).  The new goal is to cover a new Misfits song each Halloween to add to this collection.

The Horror Soundtrack Mixtapes also has a new addition.  Monsters, Murderers, Haunts and Creeps is the Halloween ’16 mixtape that features more fun stuff than usual but fun stuff with a darker twist.  It was originally taken down dude to some weird glitches that showed up with the mixafter upload but those seem to be worked out and it’s back up.

Have a great Halloween!

For good measure, if you’re wondering what bands you should be listening to for Halloween, I did a guest piece on that subject for the Little Miss Trainwreck blog you can check out here.

WIS on Meat for the Beast podcast

Recently, Andy Deen of UKHorrorScene.com was on the new(ish) podcast, Meat for the Beast, and brought along some Werewolves in Siberia to play.  Follow the link below and download it FREE on iTunes.

Meat for the Beast podcast

Werewolves in Siberia on the 6’+ Podcast


Every Friday, 6 Ft Plus does a new horror podcast.  In this week’s episode, WIS’ “The Hunt for Humans” is on it.  Check it out.  Tons of fun horror artists to listen to (Gov. Grimm and the Ghouls, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Howling Bullets and Blitzkid, to name a few) and some cool horror news as well.  Click the image to check it out.

The Rising is now on iTunes


That’s right, if you have a thing for buying music on iTunes or if you get iTunes gift cards, you can now get The Rising there!  Go leave a rating or a review so people know about WIS.
In the next couple weeks, The Rising will be popping up all over online music sites, including Spotify.  Let your friends know, too.