Exclusive Limited Mystery Set

Mystery set rectangle_350

Today, there is a brand new, limited edition mystery box available over at https://werewolvesinsiberia.bandcamp.com/merch/exclusive-limited-mystery-set-1.  The set is guaranteed to include a brand new shirt and song.  Both of which will only be available in this extremely limited set.  That’s not all.  There will be more ghoulish delights inside.  When these sets are gone, they’re gone.  It will be the only time this shirt is available and these are EXTREMELY limited.  Once these sets are ordered, shirts will be printed to guarantee only the sizes ordered get printed.  Sets should ship out around the beginning of April.


Hear everything WIS!

EVERYTHING released under the Werewolves in Siberia name is now streamable at WerewolvesInSiberia.bandcamp.com
with info on where to find each song. This includes exclusives for compilations, remixes, the horror soundtrack mixtapes (downloadable free), covers (downloadable free) and songs released as bonus content for cassette releases.