Mid-September Update

Two new songs have been submitted for the upcoming Halloween double album Graveyard Calling Records comp. The comp will contain one set of Halloween-themed music and one set of more ambient “haunted attraction” style tracks by horror artists from around the world. Experiments in Torture will be on the Halloween themed portion and Dungeon of Doom is the ambient track for the haunt portion.
In other news, songs are still coming together for both Monkey Puzzle Cinema’s Post|Human (currently in post production editing) soundtrack and the next WIS album. Got some really cool stuff for both. Really looking forward to getting it all out there when it’s done.
The cassette for The Rising is in the art stages. Currently, Travis Berg of InkVision Tattoo is getting some really cool art together for it. There will be a 3D effect on the art and it will come with 3D glasses. A collect it’s item for sure, it will be extremely limited edition and still slated for a November release through Graveyard Calling.
There is another t-shirt design in the works as well, as I stated in a previous update. Nothing has been finalized yet but the artist lined up is phenomenal and has done some kick ass projects in the past. I really want to unveil but it’s going to have to wait.
I’ll leave it on the note that part 1 and part 2 of a Halloween treat are ready. More details soon…


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